1. Does The Scholarship Page! offer any scholarships?
The Scholarship Page! does not currently offer any scholarships.

2. Can you perform a more extensive search on scholarships for me?
No. We are not a search service. We try to find lesser-known scholarships to increase your chances over people that only use our competitor’s sites. Please feel free to visit some other scholarship search web sites as well by visiting the links page.

3. I’d like to submit a new scholarship so you can list it on your site. How do I do that?
Please submit your scholarship information using our contact form.

4. Some of the scholarships you list do not have years associated with the deadlines; how do I know when
If there is no year specified, the company offers scholarships every year and has deadlines on or near the same day every year. If you find out otherwise, please let me know, and I will make the changes.

5. Some of the listings have deadlines that have already passed… why haven’t you removed them?
There are some scholarships that are offered every year, but the deadlines vary every year, and I have not been notified of the new deadline yet.

  1. If you know the new deadline, please notify me with a method of verification.
  2. If you find a scholarship that is listed that will not be offered in the next year, please notify me with a method of verification so I may verify it and remove it from the database.

6. What’s a (L)SASE?
(Long) Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope. Unless otherwise specified, this means a #10 (9-1/2″ long by 4″ tall) envelope.